Custom Chrome 1-3/4'' Slimline Risers, Polished Stainless by Biltwell Inc.

Construction: Investment-cast and CNC-machined stainless steel. 5/16'' x 18 t.p.i. Stainless steel bar clamp hardware.

Fitment: Slimline risers have 1-3/4'' of rise as measured from the base of the riser to the centerline of the handlebar clamp. The bases are threaded to accept 1/2'' x 13 t.p.i. bolts (not included.) This is the stock size on late-model Harley-Davidson triple trees with removable risers. Slimline risers retrofit easily to both rubber-mounted and solid-mounted top trees so long as the mounting hole accepts 1/2'' O.D. hardware. We have installed Slimline risers on stock and aftermarket Harley-Davidson trees, and late-model Hinckley Triumphs. Consult a service pro if you’re not confident in your ability to install this product on your motorcycle. 

Details: These untis are tried and true and loved by builders around the world. Simple and classy.

Reference code: CC685462

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